Meet the Family

Mrs. Sunita Mithal - Owner/Director/Primary Classroom Lead Teacher 

Mrs. Sunita brings more than 14 years of childcare experience from the Austin market encompassing roles as an Owner, Director and Lead Teacher from some of the most reputable and successful Montessori schools in Austin.  Prior to entering the childcare industry, she first received a Bachelor of Science in Corporate Communications from The University of Texas at Austin, which was followed by obtaining an AMS Montessori certification in Primary education from the Montessori Teacher Education Institute in Houston.  In 2016, Mrs. Sunita also obtained a Child Development Associates certification from the Council for Professional Recognition.


Her husband, Anu, is also a graduate from the University of Texas, but his roots began in Bryan/College Station as he is a proud graduate of A&M Consolidated High School and his family has resided in B/CS for more than 20 years. In 2012, they became the proud parents of their son, Syen, and in 2015, they welcomed their daughter Iyla.  The privilege of becoming parents only heightened their passion for caring for and developing children and incorporating the Montessori method.

Mrs. Sunita's interest for the Montessori education first peaked in 2007 after meeting Ms. Lydia Cumings, the previous and proud owner of The Montessori Schoolhouse here in BCS.  Ms. Lydia had taught and nurtured many of their family friends in this town and fostered an environment based on intimacy, education and collaboration.  Inspired by this notion and coupled with her own experiences in the Austin market, Mrs. Sunita and her husband are proud to be the owners of The Family Montessori of BCS.  

"With an excitement for teaching and a love for children, I enjoy guiding children through their daily academic journey. I truly believe children are brilliant, curious little sponges, who can soak up so much information.    

Working in the Montessori classroom has taught me that lessons should be interesting and thought-provoking; also, I believe that education can be stress-free if children are given love, patience, and support.  Therefore, I strive to make my teaching as engaging and fun as possible to captivate and encourage children.  If children are happy and having a good time learning, their success in the academic realm will come naturally."

Ms. Rachel Carlton - Administration

Ms. Rachel Carlton comes to us from Montgomery, Texas, and she transitioned to Bryan just before attending high school.  She first heard about the Montessori philosophy and TFM from a friend and in doing some of her own research, she fell in love with the education and the philosophy.  From a young age, she was interested in working with children and potentially get into teacher.  We are grateful to have had Rachel on our team for more than three years both as a teacher and in administration. She has one daughter, Kylie, who is 5 years old and has been able to attend TFM since she was 2.  In addition to working at TFM, Rachel recently graduated from Blinn College with her Associates Degree in Business and is looking forward to continuing her education next Fall as she pursues her Bachelors Degree.   


"There is nothing better than watching a child feel confident and proud when they are able to accomplish something new and challenging."


Mrs. Kamille Kirkendoll - Primary Lead Teacher

Mrs. Kamille is originally from Washington state but moved to College Station with her family when she was 10 years old. Before TFM, she spent a significant amount time working as a nanny. During this time, she realized that her dream was to continue working with children. Her dream first stemmed from how fascinated she was by how quickly children soaked up knowledge and immediately applied it themselves. Due to the immense value the Montessori Method places on the way children learn, she was determined to work in a Montessori school. She loved that the Montessori Method recognized how vital children are to society as a whole. She views each child as an individual and is determined to help provide a fun, safe, and educative environment for each and every child at TFM. She believes that the first five years of a child's life is the most crucial time to gain knowledge that will last a lifetime, as well as set them up for success in every other aspect of their life. In 2016, Mrs. Kamille obtained a Child Development Associates certification from the Council for Professional Recognition. She is currently pursuing an Associate’s in Early Childhood Development from Blinn College and a 3-6 Montessori Certification from the North American Montessori Center.  She brings a smile, patience, love of learning, and a nurturing personality to the classroom.


"A world of potential is one in which each and every child is believed in." 

Ms. Sydney Cela - Primary Teacher

Ms. Sydney was born in Denver, CO and lived there until she was 12 years old. Her family moved to Washington state where she started to babysit regularly and eventually nanny for two years. She moved to Texas to pursue a degree in business communications. While here in TX, she started working in another preschool where she got to experience first-hand the joy of teaching children. She was inspired and excited by the thought of building such fun relationships with each and every child and to watch them learn and grow every day. In her next phase of her career, she is excited to be a part of the Montessori family. She loves the way that children are encouraged to be independent and learn how to respect themselves and others. 

"Children are the world's most valuable resource and it's best hope for the future" 
-John F. Kennedy

Mrs. Amber Eaker - Toddler Lead Teacher

Mrs. Amber was born in Houston, TX but graduated from Montgomery High School in Montgomery, TX. She moved to the amazing city of College Station 6 years ago. She is happily married with 4 beautiful children. "Since I can remember I have always dreamed of being a teacher. My life long goal is to open up my own school. Currently I have 7 years of work with our tiny geniuses. I have ages 3 months -3 years old under my belt along with being the Assistant Curriculum Specialist and 2 years of Montessori experience."

"Seeing a tiny tot grow into an awesome little genius and knowing you are a part of the journey is the best feeling known. I hope to teach your littles ones soon! "


Ms. Jazmyne Johnson - Toddler Teacher


Ms. Jazmyne comes to us from an extensive background in customer service.  Previous jobs include but are not limited to: dry cleaning, fast food, and lots of retail. Joining TFM was her first introduction to working closely with children, and we are grateful that it was, as she (like many of her peers) has found an undeniable joy in teaching these kids and watching them grow.  The Montessori philosophy is an added bonus, as Ms. Jazymne has invested significant time learning the philosophy and incorporating it into her daily teaching. 


“I don’t see it as a job because I love it so much. The whole idea of Montessori has fascinated me so much and now I can’t see myself doing anything else.”


Mrs. Keoshi - Toddler Teacher

Mrs. Keoshi (OSHA) is a local College Stationite who graduated in 2015.  While growing up, she always had a passion for kids although she currently does not have any of her own.  She gained 7 years of early childhood experience and really enjoys what she does daily. "Being a teacher is very rewarding because you get to witness the students’ progress and also get to feel the relief of completing challenges that many seem hard to overcome."  During her years of teaching she has learned the importance of being confident, patient, and keeping the children’s interest in the lessons we are learning.


"Children are like sponges, they can soak up all of the information that they are being taught. Every day we are a stretch closer to perfection!"



Ms. Rachel Pritchard - Primary/Toddler Floater

Ms. Rachel, one of eight children, was born and raised in Temple, TX.  She attended a Montessori school growing up, enabling her to be exposed to the education and philosophy which has had such a positive impact on her upbringing.  In addition, she spent a good part of her youth babysitting her younger siblings and also working at Ralph Wilson Youth Club, a recreational center for children.  On 2012, Ms. Rachel’s three year old sister passed away, inspiring her to further pursue a career in teaching and working with children.  “My sister, Mariela, was graceful and beautiful and the greatest example and love in other children.”  Ms. Rachel has an innate love for children and teaching, learning about each child individually, and believes all children have great potential to becoming amazing adults.  As teachers, she feels that the Montessori Method challenges young children to discover, to exercise grace and kindness, and to problem solve and think for themselves in a way that excites and develops them.


"I believe all children should be treated with respect, and all children deserve to have an amazing, successful future and to be loved and cared for in a positive environment like Montessori. The way we treat children reflects on how they will treat others for the rest of their lives.”

Mrs. Emily Snook - Primary Classroom Teacher


Mrs Emily was raised in Bryan/College Station but attended Black River Technical College in Arkansas.  Her education and upbringing exposed her to a variety of experiences including the opportunity to work as a nanny and teach at a few different preschools.  This experience, coupled with marrying her husband Josh and some fortunate timing in which she moved back to BCS, created an opportunity to join the TFM Team.  Having spent 2+ years with TFM, she has quickly learned the Montessori method, and she has witnessed the ideals and teachings of this philosophy and the direct and positive impact it has on each and every child.  She is very excited to continue her experience with TFM and plans on furthering her education in the Montessori way of teaching. 


"Few people know what they want to do with their lives. I'm blessed to know, at a very young age, that my calling was teaching. I love helping children reach their potential by nurturing their creativity."

Ms. Emalee English - Substitute:

Ms. Emalee comes to us from Nederland, Texas. She taught at a summer recreation program with kids from Kindergarten-4th grade. Both of her parents are teachers and she has been exposed to the education atmosphere her entire life and finds it fascinating. She aspires to pursue a radiology tech career in her future, for she has always had an underlying interest in healthcare and medicine. 


"I believe that each child should be treated and cared for as ones’ own. This is the most important period of a child’s life and I believe it is our job to make the kids thrive, and I believe Montessori has done an incredible job at that."




Ms. Bethany Nelson - Substitute:

Ms. Bethany comes to us from Bullard, Texas. She has had an interest in becoming a teacher since 4th grade, and even got the opportunity to work with children starting at the age of 13.   She has always been drawn towards kids and looks forward to getting more exposure working as a substitute.  Currently, her plan is to obtain a bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University, where she will be majoring in special education.


"Ever since my brother Jacob was born, who is autistic, I knew that my heart belonged in special education. Being a teacher is my purpose and I can’t wait to make an impact in children’s lives."

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