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About Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori, born in Italy in 1870, developed a system of teaching, which encourages children to develop and nurture their spontaneous urge to learn and ability for self-discipline. Children develop at their own pace for learning through a series of sensitive periods in which they are very much in tune to language, order, their senses, and the world around them. Maria Montessori discovered that when young children concentrate and investigate a set of purposefully designed activities, they tend to develop self- control; their movements become ordered, and they appear peaceful. Their demeanor towards others becomes kind and gentle. Her method and observations enabled her to understand the optimal way in which children learned. This also allowed the child to explore these sensitive periods through a “prepared environment” and allowed the children to understand concepts through hands on experiences. Her goal was to allow the child to build positive self-esteem and confidence. She supported the development of the child to become independent and self-directed. The Montessori philosophy is based on belief in the child’s creative potential, his drive to learn, and his right to be treated as an individual. 

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