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Enrollment Process


Facility Tour and Observation

TFM encourages parents to observe classrooms in session, tour the school, and speak with the Director. Please make an appointment if you are interested in taking a Zoom tour of the school or if you would like to visit a classroom to observe the Montessori environment. 


Enrollment Process

TFM welcomes enrollment into our Toddler Program (18 mon.- 3 yrs.) and Primary Program(3-6 yrs.) year round (if space is available). We always ask that parents first make an appointment to take a tour of the school and speak with the Director so we can get a chance to become better acquainted with you. Once you have gotten the opportunity to explore the school, we will conduct an informal interview and assessment giving the teacher and student a chance to meet one another.
Once a tour/interview and an assessment have been completed, interested families are encouraged to pick up a registration packet. Please submit the completed forms accompanied by a $100 non-refundable registration fee as promptly as possible. Acceptance of placement in the program will be confirmed by a discussion of an ideal start date for your child to begin the exciting journey at TFM. 


Teacher Introduction

Scheduling an introduction between teacher and student often positively impacts the foundation from which a nurturing relationship can grow upon.  It allows the teacher to assess the child’s readiness for the program as well as familiarizing the child and parents with the school’s surroundings.  Information gathered on the Parent Questionnaire Form will assist with achieving this goal and allow the teacher to inquire on any additional information that might be helpful in developing your child.


Parent and Student Interview/Assessment

The interview is an informal way for prospective parents and the school representatives to become acquainted with each other and to share pertinent information. Toddler- and Primary-aged children will explore the Montessori classroom materials with the guidance of a certified teacher. All prospective students will be informally assessed by an appropriate teacher and prior school records will be evaluated.


The "Family" Commitment 

We want to make a commitment of excellence to you! A successful experience at TFM requires a mutual and collective effort from responsible management, passionate teachers, loving parents, and our wonderful children.  We strive for the best quality in care, education and environment in order for your child to develop to his/her fullest potential. We thrive on open communication and always welcome feedback. We want to make this the most enjoyable, loving, and academically excellent experience for your family and child(ren). This is our promise to you!

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