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Family References

"What a wonderful school! Why drop your child off at a daycare, left to play with the same toys day-in and day-out, when they could be receiving constant encouragement, interaction, and intellectual stimulation for the same price at The Family Montessori?! My children have attended this school for the past six years in total, and I honestly don't know who my children would be without this school, or who I would be as a parent without their guidance and support. Truly a Godsend, Sunita (owner and director), has even told me to personally text her if I needed help with my child's behavior in certain instances (what to say, what to do, how to follow through, etc)!! This school cares and it shows! My first walkthrough of this facility, what struck me most was that I didn't hear any crying. None! In the whole building! The children were all engaged, eager, and excited with their creative play. Sunita walked through commenting on friends' work, and they were so please with themselves! She then turned to me and said, 'you know they have their whole lives to be discouraged by this world, so it is so important to lift them up now and encourage them.' I left crying because I knew I wanted my child to attend this school if I had to work. Best. Place. Ever."

Mrs. Kassie Mize

"Miss Sunita is the best Montessori teacher my son ever had. She is a natural with kids. She listens to them, she relates to them, and she teaches them. She is truly invested in each child's life; caring for them as if they were her own. She is committed to providing challenging work for each child and bringing our their unique talents. Sunita is a wonderful communicator. Not only with the children but with the parents as well. I never had to ask how my son was doing. She always kept me updated on his progress. I am truly grateful to Sunita for making such an impact in my son's life. She is a very gifted Montessori teacher."

Mrs. Lisa Kincart

"I strongly believe in Ms. Sunita Mithal's talents and abilities as both a teacher and director of the Montessori philosophy. As her Assistant in a Primary classroom for over a year, I was blessed to see first-hand how a teacher uses care of self, respect for others, and independent thinking to build self-confidence and strong academics in a child's education. Every day has a new adventure in the fun and educational lessons Ms. Sunita prepared for the classroom. Our students were actively engaged in the learning process while still having fun and building vital relationships with their peers and the adults in the classroom. I don't believe I have ever seen a classroom of children so happy to arrive at school every morning, and so eager to come back the next day when it was time to leave. I believe Ms. Sunita's process in teaching is highly effective and ever-lasting with her students once they move on to grade school. The lessons she delivers helps prepare the children for everyday activities in their home, challenging tasks in school, and interactions in friendships and family relationships as well. I can honestly say that I don't believe there to be a better Montessori teacher out there than Ms. Sunita Mithal. 

I have also had the privilege to work with Ms. Sunita while she was director at our school. Once again, I found Ms. Sunita to be approachable and friendly as well as helpful and full of information regarding school policies and events. In her presence, I felt the school was extremely safe and protected. Parents were given the appropriate amount of communication at all times and felt they could always approach Ms. Sunita with questions and concerns regarding their child's education or well-being in the classroom. Ms. Sunita kept our school organized and running smoothly, which ultimately led to the highest success for our children in the classroom. 

As both a director and a teacher, I have found Ms. Sunita to be the most wonderful, pleasant, hard-working, caring, passionate, and talented person for the job. As a peer, a friend, and a mentor, she has taught me so many things that I apply to my teaching career as I move forward. I sincerely believe in Ms. Sunita's goals with The Family Montessori and know that she will bring happiness to the lives of so many more children and their families to come."

Ms. Courtney Koford

"As a Montessorian and a parent fully vested in her child's education, I highly recommend Ms. Sunita. Her style of teaching, demeanor, approach to discipline and parent communication are superb. My son had the privilege of being her student for a short while before moving on to elementary. She made him feel welcome right away; to this day he recalls being in her classroom warmly. Ms. Sunita always greets the child with a smile and open arms. Her sense of humor and overall positivism are contagious. She strikes a nice balance of being firm and loving at the same time. Raising a child is very intricate play between parents, educators, and a child himself. In my opinion, Ms. Sunita does a wonderful job navigating through these and right off the bat makes you feel as if you are a team. Her open line of communication allows you as a parent to be as much involved in the education process as you wish to be. Children in her classroom thrive for she is a quite a natural at setting limits within which children enjoy the freedom to explore and learn about the beautiful world they live in."

Mrs. Viktoria Gorelik

"My daughter loved having Ms. Sunita as her Montessori teacher. She was excited to go to school everyday to see what Ms. Sunita was going to do with them that day. The way Ms. Sunita presented lessons kept my daughter always asking for more challenging work. Ms. Sunita is very good at figuring out a child's strengths and weaknesses and really helps children grow. She is an all rounded teacher and keeps children engaged during the day. I would highly recommend her to any parent."

Mrs. Shaheen Khawaja

"I enthusiastically recommend The Family Montessori. My daughter thrives on the rich and varied Montessori curriculum including lessons in language, mathematics, geography, science, culture, art, yoga, Spanish, and character education. She absolutely loves learning. In addition, she is learning how to be a good leader and care for others. 

The school is well organized with clear rules and regulations, tidy classrooms that are cleaned every day and a shaded, newly renovated (up to code) playground. The teachers are well-trained and participate in ongoing educational opportunities. The staff clearly love children and communicate easily and regularly with parents. I am very thankful that my daughter has the chance to attend this outstanding school." 

Ms. Laura Beaster-Jones

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