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There are lots of opportunities for Parents/Guardians to volunteer at The Family Montessori! Please contact TFM Administration for details but some of the highlights are below:


Join us on Friday morning and give the children a little treat! You can read  2-3 books at the morning line for the children to enjoy.

PAC (Parent Action Committee) 

Coordinate parent volunteers for school activities, help with class parties/ holiday parties, and understand any concerns or questions that other parents in the classroom may have so we can discuss it at the monthly PAC meeting.​​

Listen to Readers

Our readers need practice and would love to read for you.​

Cut-Outs Please

We have opportunities to take materials that have been laminated and need to be cut out in order for the children to use them for school or art. We would great appreciate a parent with a handy pair of scissors to help us out with this.

Staff Appreciation

Help to organize and coordinate staff appreciation week.​

Community Service Project Coordinator

We have community service projects throughout the year. We need help coordinating and executing these projects.

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