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Please ensure that when your child is dropped off, it is done before First Line. There are many important lessons and ground rules we discuss on the first line and we would be sad if your child missed these important lessons.  Additionally, please ensure you check-in to the punch-pad system as DFPS requires a daily log of children present at the facility.  When you are picking up your child, please ensure that you stay at the front office until your child has collected his/her belongings so it will cause minimum disruption during the work day. Thank you for your consideration.

Dress Code

Please wear weather appropriate clothes to school. Also it is very important to wear closed toe shoes. Please don't wear sandals or flip flops because they are unsafe for outdoor playground equipment.

Extra Clothes

Please make sure that your child always has an extra pair of clothes and an extra pair of shoes in their cubby/tote in case of any accidents or spills.


There are always wonderful ways that the parents can be involved at The Family Montessori. Please find those in the volunteering section.


Please frequent The Family Montessori Calendar for updates on upcoming events, community service projects and/or holiday parties.

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