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Enrichment Programs

Ingrained in the Montessori philosophy is the inclusion of enrichment programs that stimulate children and allow them to learn while playing and exploring creative outlets that will help them advance in the future.

​1. Multi-cultural Programs
Children will gain exposure and basic knowledge of other countries, cultures, food, animals, customs and so much more.  This lively program will give youngsters a foundation upon which to build respect for other people and where they are from through books, songs, games, and arts & crafts.  

​2. S.T.E.M
Our S.T.E.M program involves learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education. It is an interdisciplinary approach that helps students succeed in life and one day in their future careers. The focus of our S.T.E.M program is to encourage hands-on learning, and foster problem-based learning through fun projects and experiments.

​3. Yoga
In this yoga class, the children will learn how to relax while meditating, practice deep breathing, and understand yoga poses and how it benefits the body. This class will help increase focus, concentration, and the body’s ability to become strong and limber. We will also discuss the importance of healthy eating and the food groups.

​4. Art
Our art program will teach many artistic forms and techniques that the children can explore. They will be introduced to art history, along with different artists and their work. They will be given the opportunity to express themselves through various mediums and develop a basic foundation in art. Art education not only develops the right side of the brain, it also develops neural body-brain connections, crucial if children are to realize their full potential in all areas of study including math, reading, language, science and writing.

​5. Music
Our music program will introduce various instruments, composers, music genres, and provide the opportunity to listen and perform many songs. We will explore music through singing, listening, dance, stories, and musicals. 

6. Gardening

Gardening is an outdoor and indoor daily activity that encourages curiosity in children to discover and explore the world of botany.  Our school has an outdoor, organic garden and the children will use ingredients from the garden in creative cooking projects.  Children are also introduced to topics such as trees and leaves, seeds and flowers.

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