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Toddler Curriculum

The Toddler Program at The Family Montessori is for children 18 months to 3 years, and is also designed for those children who still need support with bathroom training.  This program can be part time or full time and follows the same school calendar as the Primary Program.  Additionally, both programs span across Monday - Friday; while part-time hours are offered, TFM will not offer part-time days as we find that a child thrives on routine and knowing what to expect.

We find that toddlers are passionate human beings and we want to make sure the environment is meticulously prepared to meet the toddler’s growing physical, emotional and developmental abilities. Classroom exercises/lessons are in areas such as: Practical Life work, Sensorial, Science and instruction in Math and Language. As the child grows and develops in these areas, the activities in the classroom continue to change to meet his/her needs. This program educates by using Montessori materials, song, dance, art, stories and role playing,

Many times, this is the first experience the child has of being away from his/her parent or guardian. Learning how to take care of one’s self, waiting for your turn, sharing, socialization, and patience are important lessons that each child learns. The Montessori teacher offers the warmth, consideration and patience so essential at this age. We place great value on our toddler teachers creating this nurturing environment. This helps the children to gain confidence in their environment, while they are developing and learning these skills.  Once the toddler is Potty Trained and we find that they are ready to more forward, our teachers will help them to get prepared for the Primary Program.

The following video, produced by The American Montessori Society (AMS), provides a brief introduction to the Montessori Toddler classroom. 

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