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Our Philosophy

The Family Montessori is committed to the development of each individual child in a loving and nurturing environment. Along with applying the Montessori philosophy, TFM takes great pride in ensuring all aspects of your child's development including but not limited to: intellectual pursuits, psychological well-being, physical development, artistic expression and social awareness, in order to allow the child to grow to his or her fullest potential. 

This program has created an enriched environment meticulously prepared to excite the child, challenge him/her, and create a hunger for knowledge. They are neither hurried nor hindered. The materials are created for the child to naturally process from easy to difficult and from concrete to abstract. Our main objective is to foster self-confidence independence, hands on exploration, creativity, and help each child to flourish as he/she satisfies their inner need for learning. 

The trained teacher guides the child individually in each subject according to his own individual requirements. In the classroom, observations of each child are important to determine his or her developmental needs. With this knowledge, the teacher can introduce materials appropriate to each child's growth level. The teacher not only gives lessons but introduces problem solving, grace and courtesy, practical life skills and helps the child explore the classroom through their senses. The teacher is constantly alert to the sensitive needs of the child and actively works with the child to achieve his or her own goals. 

We hope that each child may develop a loving and caring attitude towards others and the world. 

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